Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is at the core of deciphering information and expanding the possibilities of how data – the new raw material for business growth – can be leveraged for business growth. Advanced analytical capabilities around Predictive modelling, Text mining, Sentiment Analytics, Forecasting and Optimization help the Telecom service providers, Retail, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Banking Financial Services & Insurance, and even Digital Media & Entertainment verticals identify patterns and insights that were previously invisible or were expensive and time consuming to extract.

At ITTStar, our Data Scientists provide the deep insights and forward-looking foresights through effectively harnessing the β€˜new’ data sources alongside the traditional data stores. Our core expertise is our ability to combine the right data that can generate precise insights and deliver those insights in an intuitive manner to our customers. We provide insights that can power the transformation of our customers in the way it builds, runs and markets its services. Our staff augmentations services also has expertise who can help you in forecasting, providing deep insights and recommend decisions for your business.

Our Core Offerings include:

  • Analytics Consulting
  • Data Management and Campaign Management
  • BI & Reporting
  • Web & Mobile Analytics
  • Marketing & Sales Analytics
  • Functional Analytics: Financial, HR and Operational Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics & Optimization
  • Analytics Productization
  • Analytics Validation