Mobility Solutions

Simpler, Faster Wi-Fi Deployments: Mobility Express

Wi-Fi technology keeps advancing. Mobile use keeps rising. But even small and medium-sized businesses can keep up with this growth with little or no IT staff.

More Productive Employees: Mobile Workspace

Help your employees improve their productivity, and collaborate better. It doesn’t matter where they are, or which device they're using. Give them more secure mobile access to their applications, data, and communications anywhere.

More Engaged Customers: Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)

Use mobile technologies and Wi-Fi location services to give your visitors a more personal and convenient experience on innovative, context-aware mobile apps. Better accommodate their needs by using Wi-Fi location-based analytics. Earn their satisfaction and loyalty. And now, with CMX Cloud, delivering mobile experiences and gaining insights has never been this easy.

Accelerate Innovation: Unified Access

The foundation for Mobile Workspace, ITTStar Unified Access delivers smart, simple and secure networks from device to cloud that improve productivity and elevate mobile experiences for any size businesses.

Capitalize on Mobility: Mobility Solution Services

Take advantage of our experience with numerous customers like you. We'll sit down to identify your mobility business goals; so together we can design the right mobility solution. Our Mobility Experience Experts offer support through deployment and optimization with hosted and managed mobility solutions.

ITTStar Mobility-Unlocking Business Innovation

Whatever your industry, technology has caused a seismic shift in the way you do business. At ITTStar Mobility, we understand the critical role technology can play in supporting your objectives and serving your customers better. See the industries below to learn more about the specific ways we can help you address your daily challenges.


In today’s business and campus environments, a technology-focused education is quickly becoming the way forward. So how do you ensure you have the technology platform in place to help improve student outcomes?

Your education solution is not about a single product. It’s about an end-to-end solution that makes it easier for students, teachers, and administrators to unlock innovation in education.


From TripAdvisor to online travel agents, technology has remade the hospitality landscape. How can you turn this new digital world into a competitive advantage? With the right choices, you can turn your Wi-Fi network from a cost center to a revenue-generating tool.

ITTStar Mobility gives you the solutions to help you optimize your guest experience through easier on-boarding and more reliable performance. But we also provide the platforms to improve operational efficiency within and between properties.


The retail industry is leading the way in today's digital-business transformation, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Retailers are unifying digital, mobile, and in-store experiences to create a single omni channel business approach. However, the key to staying ahead of the competition is finding innovative new ways to manage operations and inspire shoppers.

ITTStar Mobility helps bridge the online and in-store worlds and provide an enriched, context-aware experience for customers that builds loyalty and sales.

ITTStar provides the easiest mobile forms and data collection solution in the market. We also have the best price in the industry. And although we have the easiest and most economical solution, we still have the richest feature set of any similar product.

Our mobile forms can capture any data to include text, photos, bar codes, signatures, drawings, GPS location data and much more. Mobile forms can also display interactive charts and graphs unlike any competitor. Forms are available on any mobile device or as web forms running on any desktop or laptop.

Advanced features allow you to upload your own databases for easy access within mobile forms, route emails based on form data entered, and integrate submitted data with your existing PDF documents. Data can easily be exported to Excel or integrated with existing systems via our robust Search Engine and Web Services API. In addition, forms data can be searched, sorted, filtered and exported through our online reports.

Also with our advanced Tasks scheduling module you can schedule and dispatch jobs to mobile workers. Custom scripts can be added to mobile forms to transform them into dynamic, interactive mobile applications. Our workflow engine can allow you to "chain" together forms to support specific business processes.

Mobilizing your enterprise has never been easier!

    • Replace paper forms with mobile forms in minutes. Text boxes, drop down lists, dates and times, checkboxes, radio buttons, toggle switches (yes/no), slider ranges (1-10, etc.), photos, bar codes, signatures, drawings. Custom validation can be added for any field.

    • ITTStar MobileForms runs as a native mobile app on iOS or Android smartphones and tablets to make filling out mobile forms in the field fast and easy.

    • The same mobile forms available on your mobile device are also available as web forms running on any standard browser. You can even embed our web forms into your own web site or mobile apps. We can even host a site for you to contain your logo and all of your forms available to fill out.

    • All mobile forms capture GPS coordinates and datetime information. Integrates with Google Maps so managers can see exactly where mobile forms were filled out. Easily confirm job location and time of arrival.

    • Mobile forms can capture photos to be used for inspections, audits, verification, etc.

    • Easily scan QR and barcodes to capture data within your mobile form.

    • Capture a digital signature using your touch screen of your mobile device.

    • You can sketch a drawing on a blank screen or overlay an image to draw upon using your touch screen of your mobile device.

    • Use your mobile device’s built-in voice-to-text feature to enter form data directly in your mobile form with no typing necessary.

    • Create powerful mobile dashboards! No competitor can match. Display information in forms via charts and graphs to include bar charts, pie charts, line charts, donut charts, bubble charts, candlestick charts and more. Mobile forms can be more than data capture, they can also serve as management reports, business calculators and data information tools.

    • Upload your own databases (e.g. product catalogs, customer databases, etc.) to integrate into your mobile forms. Provide search and lookup capabilities in you form to search your database and automatically fill out form fields from search results.

    • If you have existing PDF forms that you want automatically filled out from a mobile form, our PDF integration tool makes this easy. Create easy-to-use mobile forms with ITTStar and let our software automatically fill out PDF documents and email them to you.

    • Search, filter and sort form data that has been submitted and then export to Excel through our online Web Management Portal.

    • Have mobile form data that is submitted emailed to any email address.

    • Send submitted forms to different email destinations based on specific data entered into any form field. Our email routing service allows you to build custom workflows for your organization via email.

    • ITTStar will all you to work completely offline if you don't have an internet connection. You can fill out mobile forms in offline mode and when you have an internet connection ITTStar Mobile Forms will automatically upload your forms.

    • Our online form builder tool allows you to create mobile forms fast and easy with no software to install. Everything runs within a standard browser. Create your own custom forms in minutes with our intuitive drag and drop interface. View, run and test your mobile forms online and see exactly how they will look on mobile devices before publishing them to your workforce.

    • Creating mobile forms requires no programming. However, we provide a powerful online script editor to add scripts to your forms for field validations, calculation of fields, dynamic business logic, showing and hiding of form fields, calling web services and just about anything else you can imagine. Transform your static forms into dynamic mobile applications through simple JavaScript that runs on all platforms and devices. Great for developers who want to build custom apps.

    • Integrate ITTStar with your existing back office systems to include ERP, CRM, accounting and any other software systems. Our REST Web Services API's allow you to export form data in XML or JSON format. We also provide a "create user" API so that you add users to ITTStar Mobile Forms at the same time you add users to other software systems. This allows you to synchronize usernames and passwords.

    • Our online web management portal allows you to search, sort and filter form submission data and export to Excel for reporting and analytics. Or use our Web Services API to import data into your own analytical tools.