ITTStar Consulting Tech provides comprehensive telematics based service offerings for different stakeholders in the supply chain management industry. Our effective fleet management solution helps reduce fuel costs, maintenance charges, turnaround time, improve drive safety and enhance customer satisfaction. Our Integrated fleet management solution with track and trace solution, along with two-way communication features helps you to always track your vehicles anytime, anywhere. You can plan and schedule shipments based on the real time data available and minimize the risk of loss in transit. Our solutions help enhance customer satisfaction through appropriate travel updates and in vehicle infotainment solutions.


  • Comprehensive telematics based service offerings
  • Effective fleet management solution with several benefits
  • Real time data availability to plan better and minimise loss
  • Solutions to deliver travel updates and in vehicle infotainment

Telematics is the field of science that deals with long-distance transmission of computer-based information. Normally the word is used to refer to vehicle telematics where information such as location and speed is sent from a vehicle to a remote computer.

There are several stages involved with receiving, storing and sending telematics information.

1. GPS satellites transmit position data to earth via radiowaves.

2. GPS receivers (e.g. built-in tracking devices, smartphones etc.) collect this data to calculate their GPS coordinates (latitude & longitude) and then transmit this information along with other vehicle-related data (e.g. speed, engine performance, trouble codes etc.) using the cellular network (e.g. 4G).

3. Cellphone towers collect this data and pass it on to web-based computer servers.

4. The computer servers store and process the data, converting it into usable information.

5. Fleet owners can access the vehicle data by logging in to a secure website

ITTStar Consulting Tech provides cutting edge Telematics Solutions and Services, especially for the transportation industry leveraging the advancement in Geo Positioning Systems and real time wireless communications. As a leading telematics solution provider, ITTStar Consulting Tech offers a range of telematics solutions that address the need of fleet owners, transport authorities and automotive OEM suppliers.

Integrated Fleet Management Solution

The Integrated Fleet Management solution leverages Telematics services to provide Vehicle Tracking, Vehicle Diagnosis along with Fleet Management capability to the Fleet industry.

Industry Need

There was a need to significantly improve customer responsiveness because visibility of fleet movement is very poor to both operator and customer. Fleet managers are also not able to track metrics relating to loading and unloading time that is critical to improve the productivity. Fleet owners are not able to maximize the utilization of the available vehicle resources. Driver performance is not measurable and this leads to poor safety and higher costs of maintenance in addition to costly unscheduled down time. There is also a need to track current vehicle location and history of vehicle route information.


ITTStar Consulting Tech's Integrated Fleet Management solution leverages Telematics services. The solution assigns freight movement jobs to multiple vehicles. The solution provides snapshot of fleet deployment through our innovative dashboards. This provides real time visibility on movement of vehicles and expected time of arrival at destination location. The solution also provides details of the job completion status.

Solution Highlights

  • Monitors driver behaviour and alerts
  • Driver Scorecard
  • History information about vehicle movement
  • Reports on loading, unloading and travel time that provides the fleet operator key information to improve productivity
  • Get reminders on preventive maintenance schedules
  • Virtual Geo Fences and Alerts
  • Maintenance Assistance


Java, JEE, Spring, Hibernate, Mule ESB, PostgreSQL


  • Improved responsiveness to customer and reduction of customer response time.
  • Reduce fleet operating costs
  • Enables increased productivity for same set of loading and unloading destinations
  • Extend life of service vehicles
  • Improved response to emergency or malfunction

Fleet Management

ITTStar Consulting Tech Fleet Management solutions give the fleet management team the flexibility and independence for planning and managing the vehicle fleet, its logistics organization, and the fleet database. Details of the vehicle usage can be recorded and this can be used to trigger preventive maintenance of your vehicle leading to improved service life of your vehicles.

Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Solution

Our Vehicle Tracking Solutions provide operational managers with the right information to maximize efficiency, improve productivity, and reduce operational cost. Critical features include round the clock complete vehicle movement history and a Web based UI for route tracking, setting various alerts and generating reports.

Vehicle Diagnostic solution

Vehicle Diagnosis provides Instant alerts on vehicle failure / malfunction. Abnormal usage patterns like sudden braking, over speeding etc can be monitored leading to better safety for drivers and improved vehicle service life. Granular Information with exact type of diagnostics / failure can also be provided.